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Happy Labour Day

You can dance with me today!

July Jazzercise Newsletter

Summer is here - time to dance in the heat - refresh with watermelon afterwards!

June 2019 Newsletter

Summer is beginning - do you know what's happening in June?

2019 March Newsletter

Spring - we are ready for you....we will dance all the winter weather away!


Snow, snow and more snow

2019 February Newsletter

Get all the news and "love" in the February newsletter - also a recipe for Chinese New Year!

December 2018 Newsletter

Make sure you take in the holiday newsletter - class holiday schedule and a recipe for your holiday entertaining!

November 2018 Newsletter

Catch up on all the news for the 2nd last month of 2018

October 2018 Newsletter

Dance - breast cancer awareness month and Sabine's retirement

Labour Day classes

Ready to start Labour Day dancing?

September 2018 Newsletter

Back to routine is almost here - time to get a peek at the first fall Newsletter!

Location change for classes

Check the calendar for location change Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (13-14-15 August)

August 2018 Newsletter

Your summer reading continues - check out the latest news and chicken recipe


The Newsletter is hot off the presses. Get your copy today

June 2018 Newsletter

Welcome summer with the latest news, yummy snack and an exercise to get that summer booty!

May 2018 Newsletter

Catch up on the month for mothers news!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Enjoying Easter Weekend? Are you going to Jazzercise Easter Sunday and Monday?

2018 April Newsletter

April brings spring to us.....a new beginning!

March 2018 Newsletter

Check out the latest news for the month of luck - March!

February 2018 Newsletter

The month of love and healthy heart - check out what's happening in February!

Great News

The January Sale has been extended - now is the time to act?

December 2017 Newsletter

Are you ready for the news for the last month of 2017? Be sure to check the Newsletter for the holiday season - there are some closures.

August 2017 Newsletter

Catch up on all the latest news, get a great salad for August (no cooking) and practice your yoga fusion breathing with the technique tip

Yoga Fusion starts Wednesday

Want something different to improve your strength, stability and give you wonderful stretches?

July 2017 Newsletter

There is something new happening on Wednesday nights at Murrayville - check it out! You won't want to miss the latest technique tip and the yummy summer recipes.

June 2017 Newsletter

Get all the June news, see who celebrates birthdays this monty, try a great salad and lean more about how to correctly do a plank

May 2017 Newsletter

See the latest news, celebrate the May birthdays, test the new recipe and hone your skill with the 3rd in the series of technique tips

April 2017 Newsletter

Catch up on the latest accomplishments, celebrate April Birthdays, see the new technique tip & recipe and much more

Calling all girls 16-21

Looking for something for you during spring break and the summer - why not Jazzercise for FREE!

March 2017 Newsletter

Your March reading enjoyment is now available - news, recipe, technique tip

Are Your Feet Talking To You?

If your feet and legs are talking to you during or after class, you might want to read on

Happy 2017

Ever wanted to know how you can tag the words New Year with something inspirational - read on

Have you tried it yet?

Rain, rain go away but if not - it's a soup day!

Thinking of Travelling?

Summer is done but you may still have travel plans. Have you ever asked; "How on earth can I exercise while travelling?"

Smile...You're beautiful!

“My body is not an ornament, but is a vehicle to my dreams.” —Taryn Brumfitt

How do I keep my beach body?

You don't want to fall out of shape - so why not Jazzercise to keep that beach body throughout the year!