Judy Griffith Jazzercise


Judy Griffith

Certified Jazzercise Instructor
Jazzercise Franchise Owner

Judy Griffith | Jazzercise | Langley BC

When my life as an equestrian came to an end, I noticed I was really losing my flexibility quickly and knew I needed to do something to change that. I found Jazzercise first in a community activity guide, had so much fun & saw such good results to my health & attitude while being a Jazzercise client for 3 years that I decided to share my joy of movement and music with others and certified as an instructor in August of 2002 and became a franchise owner/instructor at the young age of 58. Yes – I am still going strong and love hearing people saying – “I don’t know how you do it!” – My response, “Jazzercise!”

I want to continue to inspire people to be the best they can be no matter what age, size or fitness level with a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping program that gets results……..fast! It’s a dance party with a hot playlist that keeps everyone wanting more and more. To see clients get excited about their achievements in weight loss, change in clothes size, flexibility, stability, stamina, strength, and attitude while having a whole lot of FUN – is my greatest reward. I always say – if you love your workout, you will stick with it and you will see and love the results. Get re-energized as you move and groove with Judy at Ocean Park (South Surrey/White Rock)!

Judy Griffith